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Randonneur competitions

July 31st, 2015To the top
Randonneur competitionsCyclosport tours do have a growing interest. Especially in this kind of long trips high performance recumbents like M5 Carbon High Racers offer a whole lot more than the upright against the wind cycling colleagues. Fortunately there are a lot of these organizations who warmly welcome recumbents like the Paris-Brest-Paris tour, but there are also organisations which exclude recumbents from participation. A few examples from the past and present:
  • The most famous example that I experienced myself in 1997 in what was the last opportunity to ride Den Store Styrkeproven Trondheim-Oslo (543 km non-stop). The Norwegian organization even dared to change the rules during the trip and the first prize (6000 +/- old fashioned guilders or +/- 2700 nowadays Euro's)) without even blinking their eyes, was donated to the first finishing roadie.... This ex-professional, Atle Pedersen, finished more than two hours after the fastest time I set with my M5 Low Racer recumbent .... After this version it was even forbidden for recumbent riders to ever take part. Motive of the organization: security !! In the following years of the TO event there has been many accidents, some even fatal.
  • A more recent example, also Scandinavian, is the cyclo randonneur Vatternrundan in Sweden. Very suitable recumbent terrain: rolling hills where much difference can be made with the rest. That tour is only to join with a recumbent by a doctor's statement .... Because, well educated as the Swedes are: excluding disabled is not really fair. The doctor's statement must contain that your physical health (eg hernia) hinders you from driving a upright bike. These statements can be obtained at M5 by the way!
  • The last renewed acquaintance with our tolerant society I got through the participation of M5 customer M5 Carbon High Racer rider / driver Robert Carlier from Rotterdam. A renowned and fast rider who's intention was joining the Transcontinental 2015. That tour consists of not less then 4200 km across Europe, this year starting from Geraardsbergen in Belgium (wellknown Tour spot) and finishing in Istanbul (Turkey). Participants may choose the route by themself but may not receive any outside assistance. Robert decided to participate with his super randonneur namely the M5 Carbon High Racer because beside the ultimate seat comfort this bike also runs 10-12 km ( 6-8 miles) faster at the same heart rate than his titanium road bike .... With an estimated 16-20 hours per day on the road this really makes the difference around 150-180 km ( 95- 110 miles ) per day! Anyway to go short: because there was nothing specific about bicycle exclusions, Robert asked again if an unfaired recumbent was allowed and yes, they became a kind of alert since a recumbent like this could set apart the complete field of roadies days behind ... Disappointed Robert however choose to go for the sporting challenge. However his speed during training felt down from 40 km / h on his M5 CHR to 28-30 km / h on his road bike and when you notice that he is currently (July 30) around the 4th place within a field of 174 participants there is nothing more to explain. With the same energy input on Robert's M5 CHR he would be as far out as 500 to 750 km on the number 2 ! Despite his current position is a big achievement! He can be followed on the following link with start number 131.
  • Ergo: History is repeating itself since the ban on recumbents to participate in professional competitions in 1934. It shows again how conservative especially cycling people can be even if the bare facts proove the opposite. If this conservatism was leading in the aviation, automotive, or sailing, we would now still fly double-deck planes, driving T-Fords or sail with straw made Viking boats.... Nostalgic but quite unrealistic .

World Championships Recumbent 2015 in Belgium

July 14th, 2015To the top

21 - 23 August in Maasmechelen

World Championships Recumbent 2015 in BelgiumGreat event to visit, even better to participate in the races! Follow link below for details. >>


Summer break

July 13th, 2015To the top
Summer breakTelephone and e-mail traffic will continue on regular base in this period but the M5 showroom will be closed during our own bike vacation from july 21 st incl. august 22 nd.

Receiving and shipping of parcels during this period is not possible

Let's see what's available for this "super randonneur"

June 30th, 2015 
Let's see what's available for this

Prepreg Tail Bag production

June 27th, 2015To the top
Prepreg Tail Bag productionIt sure was a learning process... Trying no less than 15 types of carbon prepreg fabrics from seven different manufacturers.
Also: which kind of agent releases the product best from the mould? Lots of difference there: varying from severe sticking to the mould to effortless loosening.
Next came all kinds of foils and films, vacuum blankets, vacuum pumps, vacuum bags, oven arrangements, completely illogical oven control programs and two weeks ago to cap it all an imploding mould. 138 degrees centigrade sure bakes the product fast but proved to be a bit to much for the mould. Result: about one hundred hours of work lost and another delivery delay.
We have now new moulds with heat resistant epoxy and from now on the baking temperature is lowered to around 110 degrees centigrade. Takes a bit longer, but the moulds and foils last much longer.
Anyway, the production process has started and the new prepreg cases are less than half a kilogram. So that's lighter than a 17 litre top bag. The possibilities to make nice and light weight products have increased significantly!
Prepreg Tail Bag productionPrepreg Tail Bag production
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