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M5 reaches now customers in 50 different countries!

January 20th, 2011To the top
With the Ukraine M5 has now customers in 50 countries worldwide!

Records and almost records during speedrecordevent at Apeldoorns Omnisport Track

December 1st, 2010To the top

Bas van der Kooij and David Wielemaker did set new worldsprintrecords on their M5 recumbents.

Records and almost records during speedrecordevent at Apeldoorns Omnisport Track
Bas cornering at top speed
It was the just 15 year old Bas van der Kooij of Maassluis near Rotterdam who amazed all of the spectators at Omnisport Track. Bas set a new world speedrecord on his M5 Cr-Mo steel Low Racer. Time was 11.523 seconds which results in a speed of 62.484 km/h or 38,834 mile per hour average.

These are speeds which are even hard to catch for most of the adult "top of the bill" riders. It's sure fantastic to have such great young talent among us on the track.

On sunday we saw the start of an official hourrecordattempt of again Bas cancelled through a new but braking KMC chain.
After riding for more then half an hour the average speed was not less then 48 km/h (30 miles)

The current worldhourrecordhoulder Aurelien Bonneteau from Bordeaux, France had a off weekend. On saturday the speed just stucked under his present record (some 250 meters). while on sunday his covered distance was only 33 meters less then his official record.... Thanks to the SRM system we know that it was his tired body which caused this. The data showed an extremely good power input versus achieved speed for the M5 Carbon High Racer.

Nieuwkomer Pieter Hollebrandse (ook met standaard M5 Carbon High Racer) uit Den Haag perste er op zaterdag in zijn allereerste uurrecord een geweldige 51,4 km uit waarmee hij nota bene nog wat sneller was dan Aurelien zijn zaterdagse poging.

Fresh new starter Pieter Hollebrandse (also with a standard M5 Carbon High Racer was setting a very impressing 51,4 km ( 31,945 miles ) on the hour at his first time ever attempt. Chapeau! He also beat Aurelien on saturday with some tens of meters.

In the adult group David Wielemaker on a M5 Carbon Low Racer did a very strong standing kilometer in a new worldrecordtime of 1:06,517 which results in a speed of 54,122 km average ( 33,637 mph average )


Exhibition paintings from M5 owner Bram Moens at "De Drukkerij" in Middelburg (NL) from december the 7 th up to the 23 rd of january 2011

December 1st, 2010 

Just some other news from Bram who originally has a complete different background...

Exhibition paintings from M5 owner Bram Moens at

Recordweekend at Omnisport Track in Apeldoorn (november 20 and 21)

November 6th, 2010To the top

REMARKABLE: M5 uses her standard available M5 Carbon High Racers for this event...

M5 is sponsoring the coming recordweekend in Apeldoorn


Saturday: 14.00 up to 17.00 hour: Lecture by SRM and STeps.
Saturday: 19.00 up to 23.00 hour: record attempts on the track
Sunday: 16.00 up to 20.00 hour: record attempts on the track

M5 has the following riders for various attempts:

* Aurelien Bonneteau from France (current world hourrecordholder with 52,074 km or 32,36 miles !!) on a slightly modified M5 Carbon High Racer.
* Bas van der Kooij (junior) on a standard M5 Carbon High Racer
* Pieter Hollebrandse on a standard M5 Carbon High Racer

Expected: The "Mmm.."-Racer

October 24th, 2010To the top

The ultimate "Cr-Mo based recumbent" for the almost most efficient riding

Expected: The The M-Racer is the latest model by M5 Recumbents. It's manufactured from the reliable Chrome Molybdenum steel and uses years of development and optimization of previous M5 successes.

Renowned are the world record machines like the M5 Low and High Racers. With the arrival of the hybrid M-Racer the best properties of both types are united in one model. As far back as august 2004 the concept for the M-Racer was established in the M5 Carbon Medium Racer (the one with Bram's greyhound painting).
Will be available early next year

Specifications M-Racer

  • With a seat height of 41 cm a convenient center of gravity is established, still ensuring sufficient seat height and fast cornering.
  • Large wheels provide the lowest possible rolling resistance under all circumstances (including rough terrains) and offer a wide variety in tyre types. Front: 26", ETRTO 559 mm or ETRTO 571, rear 28" ETRTO 622 mm, or even both rear and front with two 28"wheels for tall people.
  • Striking: because of the well chosen geometry and the compact configuration with the 125 cm wheel base this model has no interference with the crank for an inner leg length of just 80 cm. This means that riders with a body length of around 176 cm fit this bike! Utilizing big wheels!
  • Because of compact design and the Cr-Mo tube of 51 mm diameter a rigid and stern handling is combined with an optimal seat height.
  • Comes standard with a Cr-Mo double fork. Options: Cr-Mo mono- or carbon mono- or double fork.
  • Choosing this model, means choosing for the expertise of one of the worlds most experienced recumbents builders. The first 25 subscribers for this new model receive the M-Racer for an introduction price of 1659 euro (ex VAT)

If you'd like to be notified of new developments concerning the M-Racer (without any obligations), please send an e-mail to info@m5-ligfietsen.nl
Expected: The

M5 Recumbents and M5 parts worldwide

October 24th, 2010To the top

M5 has customers in 50 countries all over the world

M5 Recumbents and  M5 parts worldwide
  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Estland
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hongary
  • Iceland

  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jersey
  • Letland
  • Luxembourg
  • Maleisia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia

  • Scotland
  • Slovenia
  • Slowakia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Surinam
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Tsjechia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Which country will be the 50 th??====> Ukraine!

Yksi organises expo Dutch Bike Fantasy in Tallinn

September 17th, 2010To the top
Yksi organises expo Dutch Bike Fantasy in TallinnYksi Design organizes an exposisiton in Tallinn, Estonia. "Dutch Bike Fantasy" can be visited from September 23 till 26 during the event Design Night. Yksi shows several remarkable bicycles, among which is the M5 Carbon Low Racer. Also a number of objects which are composed of bicycle components or inspired by the bicycle. All designs are from Dutch designers.

Also see:

www.disainioo.ee/en >>

Yksi organises expo Dutch Bike Fantasy in Tallinn

Quality check 20" titanium monoforks

September 14th, 2010To the top
M5 has today received a message concerning a problem with a titanium 20" monoblade front fork. Until now it is unknown what the problem caused in this nearly 7 year old titanium fork with almost 60.000 km (37.000 mile) on the counter.Further examination will take place after reception.
Anyhow, we'd like to ask users of this type of fork to check their forks on eventual damages before further use. In case of doubts please contact M5 per telephone or e-mail

Large clearance sale at M5 !

June 14th, 2010To the top

Time to clean up the stockpile-ask for current availability per e-mail

Large clearance sale at M5 !Through the years our storage has filled with parts that are no longer used on our bikes. However, it's a shame not to do something with all these high quality and brand new components and therefore we will be offering them for extremely low prices!

Due to several innovative new projects in the near future, we want to make space on our shelves. So, take this chance and make your choice from the price list below.

Ordering is simple: send an e-mail with your wishes to info@m5-ligfietsen.nl. Provide the order numbers of the wanted components and the amounts and everything will be send immediately after payment. Please make sure you include your address data and telephone number.

Download the price list

M5 Launches M5PRO.COM

March 23rd, 2010To the top

Customers from around the world can now get acquainted with M5 lightweight bike products at M5PRO.COM

M5 Launches M5PRO.COMStarting March 19th, 2010, customers from around the world can now find out more about M5 products and order them online at M5PRO.COM.

It was on a friday morning around coffeetime when the idea for the first M5 hub was born. The weight of the hub body and axle was only 19 grammes. The bearings weighed 10 grammes and the other components added 3 grammes. March 19th 2010 (19-03-10) is therefore a symbolic opening date.

Since that first hub, M5 products have seen a lot of the world. They quickly found their way to the cycling public. Even pro riders discovered M5. They pay as much for their parts as everyone else. This unique Dutch marketing works: These parts are apparently transcending sponsorship....

The products are also unique. They are designed and manufactured entirely in the Netherlands using advanced techniques and materials: Computer Aided Design, CNC'ed 7075 aluminum and carbon. To make the products more accessible, they're now available on the web at M5PRO.COM.

The site has all the information on our available products. Customers can easy (without logging in) and safe (using secure transactions) order products and pay for them.

m5pro.com >>

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