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M5's most popular models accessible for much shorter inner leg lengths!

June 12th, 2013To the top

Cut-out in seat accommodates shorter riders

M5's most popular models accessible for much shorter inner leg lengths!
Images: Dirk Bauweleers
By a simple modification at the front end of the seat at M5's most popular models, there's no longer a cranck/front wheel overlap for riders with an inner leg length of 80 cm (and more).
M5's most popular models accessible for much shorter inner leg lengths!

Yksi organises exposition Dutch Bike in Barcelona<br />

May 24th, 2013To the top

M5 Carbon Low Racer again chosen to attend design exhibition

Yksi organises exposition Dutch Bike in Barcelona<br /><br />
From the 11th of June till the 26th of July the exhibition 'Dutch Bike' will be on display during the Barcelona Design Week. The exhibition, organized by Yksi Expo from Eindhoven, consists of twelf remarkable bicycles plus a collection of objects created by bicycle parts or inspired by the bike. Each one designed by Dutch designers.

From a handbag and a rug made from bicycle tires to chairs completely constructed by bicycle frames, Yksi Expo will show a collection of remarkable objects in Barcelona. These creative expressions are partly a response to mass production and to our consumer society. At any rate they help the visitor to view reality or experience their surroundings differently. In addition twelf remarkable bikes will be presented, from the fastest reclining bicycle to a
bike to self assemble. This exhibition already travelled to Bratislava, Moscow, Tallinn, Brussels,Tunis, Budapest and Kiev.

'Dutch Bike' is exhibited at DHUB, Barcelona ( The Design Hub Barcelona is the reference space for design in Barcelona and future home of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona Design Museum).
The exhibition is an initiative of the Dutch embassy of Spain and is part of the Barcelona Design Week from June 1 to June 21, 2013. The 8th edition of the BCN Design Week will open its doors under the slogan Design Vision 2050 to find answers to the challenges they will face in the coming decades through design. This year the exhibition guest country is the Netherlands.
Official opening on 11th of June at 18.00 hours.

Additional info: Yksi arranges expo Dutch Bike in Barcelona

Busy "Fillari" outdoor sports exhibition in Helsinki

March 20th, 2013To the top

Outside minus 20, inside plus 22 degrees Celsius...

Busy It really took off Finnish, several days before the start of the exhibition: we dragged our cardboard bicycle boxes in a raging blizzard from Helsinki central station and reached our apartment just before the packaging fell apart in wet paper mache. Attaching wheels to the boxes proved to be ideal: by means of the unsurpassed duct tape we put little wheels with an axis to one of the corners of each box.
We assisted the next Thursday to build up the Dutch Pavilion, which had a nice stand in the corner and a beautiful large auditory next to it. Base colour of the stand and the auditory was... orange, combined with the perpetual tulips! Oh well, as long as the export value of the tulips exceeds the value of recumbents I'd better keep silent about this.
The exhibition has a very extensive speakers programme. On behalf of M5 Recumbents Arthur van der Lee enthusiastically reported about one of his Nordkapp trips on the M5 "M-Racer" through Finland. He did his talk twice a day, in English, which is a second native language for Arthur.

Compared to the Netherlands, outdoor sport is substantially different in Finland, which isn't really a surprise with a minimum of 7 months of temperatures below zero and the subsequent snow conditions.
I noted the largest possible concentrations of people at a demo of skinning a large freshwater fish and at the paper stands of the innumerable golf resort destinations elsewhere in the world. After all, one should be able to play golf the year round...

Concerning the opportunities for recumbents: the Finnish, helped with expertise of the local Dutch Embassy, do their best to give bikes its own place in the traffic flows of Helsinki. One strives to an overall 20 percent participation of bicycles in 2020. However, I personally experienced during my bike trips through Helsinki, that the streets show (obviously?) little bicycles at minus 20. While these conditions are applicable for half of the year, 20 percent bike participation may prove to be a real challenge.

Busy Busy

Collect them all!

February 18th, 2013To the top

4 remarkable new visitcards of M5

Complete with QR codes on a special background. All images are made by Bram Moens with a Nikon Coolpix P500 camera.
Layout: A. v.d. Lee
Collect them all!Collect them all!Collect them all!Collect them all!

M5 on "Fillari 2013" expo in Helsinki, Finland coming march

February 7th, 2013To the top

Especially for our Scandinavian audience: Tervetuloa, Velkommen, Välkommen!

M5 on On March 8,9 and 10 we will be on the "Fillari 2013" expo displaying some of our models on the Dutch pavilion of the biggest leisure exhibition in Scandinavia.

M5 also organises daily presentations about biking with your recumbent through Scandinavia. These will be provided by "North Cape Specialist" Arthur van der Lee.
M5 on
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