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M5 luggage bags

May 1st, 2003To the top
M5 luggage bagsRiding with luggage without compromising aerodynamics and comfort with the special M5 recumbent bags.

The M5 side bags have a handy compartment for small items in the front of the bags. The volume of the bags is 2 x 27 liters
M5 luggage bagsM5 luggage bagsM5 luggage bags

M5 side bags: € 144.63
(EU citizens: € 175.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


M5 bike bag for transporting your M5 recumbent

June 10th, 2004To the top
M5 bike bag for transporting your M5 recumbentSuitable for most models from M5: light weight bag (90 x 90 x 18 cm). Take a complete M5 Recumbent with you in plane, car or train!

M5 bike bag 90 x 90 x 18 cm: € 99.17
(EU citizens: € 120.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]


Top bag

To the top
Top bagThe M5 top bag is available in 17 and 27 litres. This bag is suspended on the top of the seat.
Top bagTop bagTop bag

17 litres (the ‘real one’ + backpack function) : € 61.98
(EU citizens: € 75.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

Top bag 27 litres: € 78.51
(EU citizens: € 95.00, incl. 21% VAT) [in shoppingcart]

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